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The Gubb and Inggs families joined the wool washing activity in 1886, by buying out two of the 14 Wool washeries operating in the Zwartkops Valley (near the city of Port Elizabeth) at the time. In 1904 the two families went into partnership, eventually leading to the formation of Gubb & Inggs Limited in 1916.

From then on the company grew steadily until 1963, when Mohair Combing was introduced for the first time.

Gubb & Inggs has considerable expertise in the area of research and development. It takes pride in its innovative and scientific approach in the vital fields of quality control and testing, effluent treatment and by-product recovery.

There are two fully-equipped laboratories on the premises (at Gubb & Inggs and Stucken Yarns) to ensure that the highest product quality standards are maintained at all times.

All Wool and Mohair produced at Gubb & Inggs is press-packed at high density to ensure maximum utilisation of container space.

Gubb & Inggs is a member of the Stucken Group who have been committed to the premium Wool and Mohair segment in South Africa since 1951. The Stucken Group is an over 150 year old family owned and managed business, with its roots in Bremen, Germany. The 4th generation moved to South Africa in 1950 as Wool traders and the Group has grown to become vertically integrated natural fibre specialists at source in South Africa. The vertically integrated nature of the Group includes:

• Stucken & Co: Buying and selling of Wool and Mohair
• Gubb & Inggs: Scouring and combing of Wool and Mohair
• Mohair Spinners SA (Stucken Yarns): Spinning
• Speciality Yarn Dyers (SYD): Dyeing
• Hinterveld: Weaving and knitting

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The Stucken name is synonymous with quality Cape Mohair. Since the Stucken Group started combing Mohair tops at Gubb & Inggs, Stucken Mohair tops have become the pinnacle of excellence and are now the standard by which other Mohair tops are measured.

With its specialised combing section, the Stucken Group’s dedicated and experienced Mohair teams continuously strive to ensure that when customers purchase Stucken Mohair, they do so with an assurance of quality and peace of mind.

Today the Stucken Group produces:

Scoured Product - Loose Stock:

A full range of scoured Mohair is produced, largely for the Woollen and semi worsted industry.

Combed Top:

The combed top is the 'finished sliver', after the short fibre and impurities have been combed out. This product is earmarked for use by worsted spinners in a wide range of applications including the apparel and velour sectors. 

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6229, South Africa
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Factory Manager: Andre van Zyl
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